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  1. He could hardly control his indignation at the conditions under which the miners were forced to work, without water and enough food.
    1. indignation  /ˌɪndɪgˈneɪʃn/  n. 愤怒;愤慨;义愤
  2. Both sides were very careful when drafting the ceasefire agreements; they wanted to prevent any actions that could be considered provocative by either side.
    1. provocative /prəˈvɒkətɪv/  a. 挑衅的;煽动性的;引起争端的
  3. She has always had a militant personality; she is always prepared and ready to do battle when she believes that the cause is right.
    1. militant  ˈmɪlɪtənt a. 动武的;好战的  n. 好斗分子;激进分子
    2. cause kɔ:z n. a reason for having particular feelings or behaving in a particular way 理由;动机;缘故
      1. The food was excellent─I had no cause for complaint .


  1. News stories overlap: Morning paper headlines take account of the previous evening's radio and TV stories, and the electronic media pick up items from the daily press.
    1. 新闻报道重叠:早报的标题取材于前一天晚上的广播和电视报道,电子媒体从日报上收集新闻。
  2. Lucy stretched up to kiss her dad's cheek lightly, and he patted his daughter as if he was conferring an honor to her.
    1. confer kənˈfɜ:(r)   vt. 授予(权力、权利或荣誉等) vi. 讨论;商谈;商议;协商
  3. Inspired by Martin Luther King's famous speech, "I Have a Dream", thousands of people went out onto the streets to support the civil rights movement in defiance of the curfew.
    1. Curfew ˈkɜ:fju: n. a law which says that people must not go outside after a particular time at night until the morning; the time after which nobody must go outside 宵禁令;宵禁时间
      1. The army imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew. 军队强制实行黄昏至黎明的宵禁。
  4. Beth was hesitant about visiting his ex-boyfriend; she worried that he might refuse to talk to her.
  5. When humans first traveled into outer space,it was as revolutionary a milestone in human culture as the invention of the wheel.
    1. 当人类第一次进入外层空间时,它就像轮子的发明一样,是人类文明中的一个革命性的里程碑。
  6. Perplexed, she turned and noticed her husband had collapsed and was slumped on the floor behind the counter. She rushed to him and cradled his head in her arms.
    1. 她茫然转过身来,发现丈夫倒在了柜台后面的地板上。她冲向他,把他的头抱在怀里。
  7. Health experts are now preaching that even a little exercise, such as doing housework or light gardening, is far beter than none at all.
    1. preach pri:tʃ  vt. 灌输;竭力劝导 v.(尤指在教堂里)布道,讲道


  1. At language training school, your language ability will be constantly assessed, and the students with an elementary level are usually able to reach the intermediate level after a 12-week course.
    1. intermediate  /ˌɪntəˈmi:diət/  a. 1 中级的;中等的;适合中等程度者的 ;2 (两地、两物、两种状态等)之间的,中间的
  2. This is such a rare offer that we cannot hope to get another one like it; you shouldn't sniff at this opportunity.
  3. We would gather additional facts to support our contention to show that the outbreak of violence had been prearranged.
  4. Partial or total loss of the ability to articulate ideas or comprehend spoken or written language results from damage to the brain caused by injury or disease.
  5. When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will be passed to an editor for detailed scrutiny.
  6. We depend on metaphors to create vivid images, but we encounter two more major problems: Suitable metaphors are hard to find and they may constrict our reader's understanding of what we are trying to express.
  7. She sniffed at the files handed to her by the court and refused to answer questions in contempt of the rules of the court, for which she was sentenced to six months in prison.
  8. Despite the frequent disagreement between some of the band members, there needs to be a unanimous decision from all members of the band before anyone can be dismissed.
  9. Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have made the deliberate choice to rear six children with no theories.
    1. 在我结婚之前,我有六个关于抚养孩子的理论,现在我已经做出了一个深思熟虑的选择,就是在没有理论的情况下抚养六个孩子。
  10. Whatever we do is for the benefit of the people and we are going to administer justice impartially.
    1. 我们所做的一切都是为了人民的利益,我们将公正执法。
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